Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Gypsy Morph

Well, I really read up a storm this weekend! I finished "The Elves of Cintra" last night and immediately moved onto "The Gypsy Morph." Angel Perez, another Knight of the Word, has helped the Elves retrieve the talisman they needed to move the Ellcrys. Yet she was badly injured in her battle and is unable to help them convince their nation that what they want to do is right. So as two elves, a brother and sister, try to convince the Elven High Council to use their talisman, Logan Tom is on his way to help. Meanwhile, the Gypsy Morph is headed to save as many as possible from the coming end of the world. "The Gypsy Morph" continues the tale of how Shannara came to be from the ruins of our world. It is Terry Brooks at his best.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Elves of Cintra

I finished "Armageddon's Children" and have moved onto book 2 of the Genesis of Shannara: "The Elves of Cintra." "Elves" picks up right where "Children" left off: Logan Tom, Knight of the Word, has found the Gypsy Morph he was seeking in the post-apocalyptic nightmare that is the world. But right after finding the Morph, Logan lost it. But there's no time to find it - the demon army is here, ready to wage war with the nearby fortress compound; he has to trust that the Morph will be safe and he will be able to find it. I haven't gotten too far in "Elves" yet, but already a well-known personality from Shannara has made his appearance. "Children" felt closer to Terry Brooks' Word and Void series, but "Elves" has already started moving closer to Shannara. The blending of the two series is excellently done. I can't wait to see what happens to Logan and everyone else, to see how humanity will survive the demons and the once-men.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Still loving this series

Last week I mentioned that I was reading "Undead and unemployed". Well...in the past week I've been reading ravenously!!! I'm up to number 5 in this series and *really* enjoying them. I highly recommend them, they are fun and quick to read. I'm also enjoying that they take place in places I can relate to, such as Caribou Coffee. I keep waiting for them to go to Menards, but I can't see how they would work that into the story. But...you never know. In the latest book, not only is she does she have a fiend living in her basement, he's just told her there's a zombie in the attic. You never know what's going to happen next. Happy reading and have a great Labour Day weekend. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Armageddon's Children

At long last! After two years of waiting, I am finally starting "Armageddon's Children," the first novel in Terry Brooks' Genesis of Shannara trilogy. I bought the book about two years ago, when it first came out, but decided to wait until the entire trilogy was published before reading it. In the past I've read a book from a trilogy, and when the next book comes out a year later I've largely forgotten what has happened in the story! (One time I was sure I remembered, so I started reading book 3, and I didn't have a clue who the first character was whom I came across!) I started "Armageddon's Children" earlier today and I can't wait to read more!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who knew Vampires could be funny?

This week I'm reading Undead and unemployed by Mary Janice Davidson. I didn't realize it was the second book in a series. If you want to read them in order the first one is Undead and unwed. This series is described as "chick lit meets vampire fiction". I was worried it would be scary, but it isn't. The main character, Betsy Taylor is the new Queen of the Vampires. The sad news is that even though she's dead (make that undead) she still has bills to pay. She finds her dream job selling shoes at Macy's in the Mall of America. Of course there's also a King of the Vampires, and she's not interested in him. Or is she? Somehow this funny story reminds me of a Stephanie Plum novel, with the King reminding me of Ranger. So...if you're interested in vampires or shoes or laughing or books that take place in Minnesota, this is the perfect book for you. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I finished "Scardown" yesterday, and immediately started "Worldwired," the last book in Elizabeth Bear's Jenny Casey trilogy. I am extremely excited to see how the whole trilogy will end! There are so many things going on right now, what with disaster striking the Earth, I can't wait to see whether Jenny Casey is able to save the day. My only complaint so far is that the book doesn't seem to be following Jenny Casey as much as the other two did. I'm hoping that will change as I get a bit further into it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

I think I have just found my favourite read for this summer. I have traveled to a far time and place and come back enriched from the experience. This collection of letters describes the experiences of the inhabitants of Guernsey Island during their occupation by the Germans from 1941-1944. Elizabeth, an intrepid, caring and fascinating character is only portrayed by those who love her, and yet she is central to the book. This book is one that you will re-read and love again and again. Mary Ann Shaffer has created a magical and poignant time and place.